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Title Artist Song #
R U Crazy Maynard, Conor DTC17931-1017931
R-O-C-K In The U-S-A Mellencamp, John Cougar SC10205-15
Rabbit Chas & Dawn SF042-16
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Florence + The Machine SFC54632-1054632
Rabiosa (English Version) Shakira & Pitbull SFC60651-1060651
Rabiosa (Spanish Version) Shakira & El Cata SFC60650-1060650
Race Is On, The Jones, George SC10072-25
Race Is On, The Sawyer Brown MM6088-4
Race Is On, The (Video) Jones, George PD202B-9
Race With The Devil Vincent, Gene DFK030-14
Race You To The Bottom Dean, Billy CBC11901
Racks Yc Featuring Future PHMU1105-2
Radar Spears, Britney PHMP0909-2
Radar Spears, Britney CB30109-9
Radar Love Golden Earring SC10034-16
Radio Beyonce' CBC13950
Radio Corrs, The SFPKT12-15
Radio Rucker, Darius DTC17793-1017793
Radio Soulchild, Musiq PHMU0810-7
Radio Williams, Robbie SF223-2
Radio Free Europe R.E.M. CBC05621
Radio Ga-Ga Queen SC10242-23
Radio Ga-Ga (Video) Queen PD053B-5
Radio Heart McClain, Charly DTC04119-1004119
Radio Message Kelly, R. PHMU1107-1
Radio Radio Costello, Elvis SC10038-22
Radio Song R.E.M. LG087-4
Radio Waves Eli Young Band PHMC0909-2
Radioactive Firm, The SC10216-22
Radioactive Imagine Dragons PHMP1211-1
Radioactive Imagine Dragons ZMPACK112-7
Radioactive Kings Of Leon PHMP1012-6
Radioactive Ora, Rita ZMP3G12-62
Rag Doll Aerosmith SFC50579-1050579
Rag Doll Valli, Frankie & The Four Seasons CBS04-16
Rag Doll Valli, Frankie & The Four Seasons DK910-48
Rag Top Kentucky Headhunters DTC01829-1001829
Ragged Old Flag Cash, Johnny CBC11630
Rags To Riches Bennett, Tony SC10058-19
Rags To Riches Manilow, Barry CBC12106
Rags To Riches Presley, Elvis MM6322-2
Rain Beatles, The SC10196-18
Rain Glover, Dana MM01236-1
Rain Madonna SC10126-20
Rain Status Quo LG094-6
Rain & Snow McCoury, Del SC8693-5
Rain (Video) Madonna PD050A-13
Rain In Spain, The (Broadway) My Fair Lady (Movie Version) SC10055-24
Rain Is A Good Thing Bryan, Luke PHMC1003-2
Rain On Me Ashanti DTC10263-1010263
Rain On Your Parade Duffy SFC53846-1053846
Rain Over Me Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony SFC59491-1059491
Rain Rain Rain Laine, Frankie SF063-3
Rain Through The Roof Montana, Billy MM6109-14
Rain, Rain Go Away Traditional SC10221-23
Rain, The Oran 'Juice' Jones SFC59092-1059092
Rain, The Park & Other Things, The Cowsills, The SC10240-26
Rainbow At Midnight Tubb, Ernest CBC08192
Rainbow Connection, The Muppet Movie, The MM6023-10
Rainbow In The Dark Dio SC10109-20
Rainbow In The Rain Black, Clint SD134-10
Rainbow Man Bates, Jeff CBC10297
Rainbow Stew Haggard, Merle DTC11562-1011562
Rainbow Valley Love Affair SF100-2
Rainbow's Cadillac Hornsby, Bruce & The Range SB02802-1
Raincloud Lighthouse Family, The SF115-5
Raindrops Clark, Dee CBS05-35
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Distel, Sacha SF090-3
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Thomas, B.J. DK905-289
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Thomas, B.J. CBS01-315
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Video Thomas, B.J. PD003A-12
Raindrops Will Fall Gray, Tamyra PHM0409-7
Rainin' In My Heart Williams Jr., Hank CBC11715
Raining In L IIIrd Time Out CBC09018
Raining In My Heart Holly, Buddy LG070-12
Raining In My Heart Roe, Tommy CBC03020
Raining Men Rihanna & Nicki Minaj PHMU1104-4
Raining On Me Wilson, Gretchen CBC11990
Raining On Our Love Twain, Shania CBC11521-1
Raining On Sunday Urban, Keith CBS04-373
Rainy Day Bells Globetrotters PS1190-16
Rainy Day People Lightfoot, Gordon SC10046-22
Rainy Day Woman Jennings, Waylon SBC85648-1085648
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Dylan, Bob SC10030-19
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Video) Dylan, Bob PD021A-12
Rainy Days And Mondays Carpenters, The SC10191-16
Rainy Days And Mondays (Video) Carpenters, The PD006B-12
Rainy Dayz Blige, Mary J. SBC78711-1078711
Rainy Dayz Blige, Mary J. (Feat. Ja Rule) DTC08466-1008466
Rainy Night In Georgia Benton, Brook SC10024-24
Rainy Night In Georgia Crawford, Randy SFMW899-8
Rainy Night In Georgia Twitty, Conway & Sam Moore NU2-294
Rainy Night In Georgia (Video) Benton, Brook PD040A-5
Raise 'Em Up Urban, Keith DTC18364-1018364
Raise The Barn Urban, Keith & Ronnie Dunn DTC12948-1012948
Raise Up Pablo, Petey SC10136-19
Raise Up Saliva PHR0309-9
Raise Your Glass Pink PHMP1101-2
Raise Your Glass Pink SY1665-4
Raise Your Hands Bon Jovi SC10205-16
Raised On Rock Presley, Elvis SBC72181-1072181
Raised To Pray Farr, Tyler DTC18440-1018440
Rake And Ramblin' Man Williams, Don DTC11828-1011828
Rama Lama Ding Dong Edsels, The SC10123-22
Ramble On Led Zeppelin SC10201-23
Ramblin' Fever Haggard, Merle CBS04-237
Ramblin' Fever Haggard, Merle DK905-825
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man Seger, Bob SC8715-2
Ramblin' Man Allman Brothers Band, The SC10034-20
Ramblin' Man Williams, Hank As Luke The Drifter CBC11606
Ramblin' Man (Video) Allman Brothers Band, The PD005A-9
Ramblin' Rose Cole, Nat 'King' SC10059-19
Ramona Night Beds PHMP1307-5
Random Act Of Senseless Kindness, A South Sixty-Five DTC04871-1004871
Rank Strangers Stanley Brothers CBC08565
Rap God Eminem DTC17929-1017929
Raped And Freezing Cooper, Alice MT101-19
Rapid Hope Loss Dashboard Confessional SBC70682-1070682
Rapid Roy (That Stock Car Boy) Croce, Jim CBC09962-1
Rapper's Delight Sugarhill Gang SC10020-24
Rapper, The Jaggerz, The SC10126-27
Rapture Blondie SC10040-18
Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) IIO SF186-11
Rapture (Video) Blondie PD045A-8
Raspberry Beret Prince And The Revolution SC10114-22
Raspberry Beret (Video) Prince And The Revolution PDL011-5
Rat In Mi Kitchen UB40 SFG002-14
Rat Trap Boomtown Rats, The SFMW849-1
Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (Broadway) Funny Girl SSC50100-1050100
Rated X Lynn, Loretta SC10186-21
Rather Be Clean Bandit Feat Jess Glynne ZMPACK106-15
Rave On Holly, Buddy CBC10073-1
Ravishing Ruby Hall, Tom T. ASK20227-1
Rawhide Blues Brothers SFC51901-1051901
Rawhide TV Theme NU1-493
Rawhide (TV Theme) Laine, Frankie SC10226-19
Rawhide (TV Theme) (Video) Laine, Frankie PD044A-8
Ray Bands B.O.B. PHMU1302-4
Ray Of Light Madonna DTC05244-1005244
Razzle Dazzle (Broadway) Chicago SFC52680-1052680
Re-Align Godsmack SBC74354-1074354
Re-Arranged (Radio Version) Limp Bizkit SC10054-22
Re-Wind (When The Crowd Say Bo-Selecta) Artful Dodger SFC51097-1051097
Reach Estefan, Gloria CBC03716-1
Reach S Club 7 SC10128-17
Reach For The Sky Bassey, Shirley SF085-3
Reach For The Sky Social Distortion THR0501-11
Reach Out Nas Feat. Mary J. Blige PHMU1209-3
Reach Out & Touch (Somebody's Hand) Ross, Diana & The Supremes SC10112-24
Reach Out (For The Gold) Moroder, Giorgio ASK07075-1
Reach Out I'll Be There Bolton, Michael MMC96041-1096041
Reach Out I'll Be There Four Tops SFC54699-1054699
Reach Out Of The Darkness (Duet) Friend And Lover MM02358-1
Reach Out To Jesus Presley, Elvis CB70002-14
Reach Out, I'll Be There Four Tops SC10010-19
Reach Up For The Sunrise Duran Duran MM6424-11
Reaching For The Best Exciters, The SFCC01-2
Reaching Out To Hold You West, Dottie DTC05867-1005867
Read 'em And Weep Manilow, Barry SC10191-17
Read 'em And Weep Meat Loaf SFMW811-8
Read All About It (Part III) Sande, Emeli ZMPACK109-18
Read My Lips Osmond, Marie SC10181-21
Read My Mind McEntire, Reba DTC05453-1005453
Read My Mind Reeves, Connor SF121-16
Read Your Mind Avant PHU0403-6
Ready B.O.B. Ftg. Future DTC17939-1017939
Ready Fabolous Ftg Chris Brown DTC17666-1017666
Ready For Love Bad Company SC10034-17
Ready For Love Brand, Adam PHMC1012-4
Ready For Love India.Arie MMC94881-1094881
Ready For The Good Times Shakira MAC90486-1090486
Ready For The Times To Get Better Gayle, Crystal CBC04912
Ready For Your Love Gorgon City Feat MNEK ZMP3G13-69
Ready Or Not A1 SF187-9
Ready Or Not After 7 (Seven) DK069-1
Ready Or Not Lightning Seeds SFG023-7
Ready Or Not Mendler, Bridgit SBI98785-1
Ready Or Not Mendler, Bridgit ZMP3G12-48
Ready Set Roll Rice, Chase AS36046-1
Ready To Fall Edwards, Meredith DTC08110-1008110
Ready To Fly FFH ASK03607-1
Ready To Fly Marx, Richard MMC98728-1098728
Ready To Go Limp Bizkit DTC17835-1017835
Ready To Go Republica SC10209-20
Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) Panic! At The Disco DTC17175-1017175
Ready To Go Home Williams, Hank CBC11600
Ready To Rock Tippin, Aaron CBC12285
Ready To Rock Tippin, Aaron CBE715-11
Ready To Run Dixie Chicks SC10088-25
Ready To Take A Chance Again Manilow, Barry DK910-352
Ready Willing And Able White, Lari MM6132-10
Ready, Set, Don't Go Cyrus, Billy Ray PHMC0801-7
Real Goo Goo Dolls PHMP0812-9
Real Wesley, James PHMC1009-1
Real As It Gets Jay-Z Feat Young Jeezy PHMU0912-8
Real Bad Mood Marie Sisters DTC08407-1008407
Real Deal Jones, George DTC05571-1005571
Real Fine Place To Start, A Evans, Sara SC10116-1
Real Gone Disney Cars DISCARS-1
Real Gone Kid Deacon Blue SF059-13
Real Good Hands Porter, Gregory SFC55478-1055478
Real Good Man McGraw, Tim SC10077-19
Real Goodtime, A Alda SF124-2
Real Life Carson, Jeff ASK02487-1
Real Live Woman Yearwood, Trisha CBS04-336
Real Love Beatles, The NU1-57
Real Love Benet, Eric PHMU1201-2
Real Love Blige, Mary J. SC10115-22
Real Love Doobie Brothers, The CBC10430-1
Real Love Lightman, Toby PHM0411-8
Real Love New Relics, The PHMC1007-9
Real Love Parton, Dolly SC10065-23
Real Love Watley, Jody CBE723-15
Real Love Watley, Jody DK910-194
Real Love (Duet) (Video) Parton, Dolly PDL203-24
Real Love (Video) Watley, Jody PD042A-11
Real Man Dean, Billy CBC04660-1
Real Man Raitt, Bonnie SFMW904-13
Real Me, The Jennings, Shooter PHMC1210-7
Real Me, The Who, The AH8003-14
Real Men Love Jesus Ray, Michael DTC18531-1018531
Real Slim Shady, The (Radio Version) Eminem SC10105-26
Real Thing Bice, Bo CBE726-8
Real Thing, The Clark, Terri DTC06670-1006670
Real Thing, The Stansfield, Lisa SFMW802-8
Real Thing, The Strait, George SC10117-1
Real Things Javine SF207-13
Real To Me McFadden, Brian SF222-7
Real Wild Child Pop, Iggy SC8939-13
Real World All-American Rejects, The CBC13525
Real World Big & Rich ASK04494-1
Real World D Side SF213-13
Real World Matchbox 20 (Twenty) SC10017-21
Real World, The Owl City PHMP1111-7
Reality Chesney, Kenny DTC17219-1017219
Reality Lost Frequencies ftg Janieck Devy DTC18556-1018556
Realize Caillat, Colbie PHMP0801-8
Realize Caillat, Colbie SGB200-96
Realize Caillat, Colbie DK910-843
Really Don't Care Lovato, Demi Ftg. Cher Lloyd ASF1306-5
Reason Van Dahl, Ian SF193-8
Reason That I'm Standing, The Crabb Family, The CBC08376
Reason To Be Cheerful Part 3 Dury, Ian & The Blockheads SF079-6
Reason To Believe Stewart, Rod SC10192-20
Reason To Live Kiss SFC57073-1057073
Reason Why, The Gill, Vince CB60357-14
Reason Why, The Little Big Town DTC17038-1017038
Reason, The Dion, Celine DTC04427-1004427
Reason, The Hoobastank SC10029-27
Reasons Earth, Wind & Fire SFC53944-1053944
Reasons To Quit Haggard, Merle & Willie Nelson DK905-800
Reasons Why Nickel Creek SC10117-16
Rebecca Lynn White, Bryan DTC03348-1003348
Rebel Child Wilson, Gretchen CBC11989
Rebel Rebel Bowie, David SC10034-18
Rebel Yell Idol, Billy SC10204-22
Rebelicious Johnson, Jamey DTC12220-1012220
Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) Digable Planets, The SC10021-21
Reborn St. James, Rebecca DTC09436-1009436
Rebound Dean, Bobby PHMC1109-8
Reckless Alabama MM6029-11
Reconsider Baby Presley, Elvis MM6151-10
Recover Your Soul John, Elton SC8452-14
Recovery Bieber, Justin DTC18000-1018000
Recuerdo, A Los Angeles Negros MAC88805-1088805
Red Swift, Taylor DT17454-1
Red & Rio Grande Supernaw, Doug MM6128-10
Red Alert Basement Jaxx SF140-2
Red Bandana Haggard, Merle CBC11568
Red Barchetta Rush SC10234-27
Red Blooded Woman Minogue, Kylie NU3-787
Red Clay Halo Smith, Valerie DTC08555-1008555
Red Dirt Smith, Granger PHMC1206-4
Red Dirt Road (Radio Version) Brooks & Dunn SC10189-16
Red High Heels Pickler, Kellie SC10077-20
Red House Jimi Hendrix Experience, The SC10100-21
Red Light Nail, David PHMC0906-7
Red Light Nail, David SGB200-97
Red Light Special TLC SBC84703-1084703
Red Light Spells Danger Ocean, Billy SFMW811-11
Red Lights Tiesto ZMP3G13-70
Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night Twitty, Conway DTC04810-1004810
Red Ragtop McGraw, Tim SC10189-17
Red Rain Gabriel, Peter SC10198-23
Red Red Wine Diamond, Neil SC10242-15
Red River Valley Traditional DK038-11
Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town Reeves, Jim CBC04717
Red Roses McEntire, Reba CBC00462
Red Roses For A Blue Lady Newton, Wayne SC10058-20
Red Roses For My Lady Humperdinck, Engelbert DFK037-9
Red Rubber Ball Cyrkle, The SC10240-19
Red Sails In The Sunset Platters, The DK910-107
Red Sails In The Sunset (Video) Traditional PD005B-5
Red Sky Thrice SBC84527-1084527
Red Solo Cup Keith, Toby ASK1111-9
Red Strokes, The Brooks, Garth NU1-256
Red Umbrella Hill, Faith PHMC0801-5
Red Umbrella Hill, Faith CB512202-6
Red White & Pink Slip Blues Williams Jr., Hank PHMC0907-9
Red Wine And Blue Memories Stampley, Joe CBC08012
Red, Red Wine Diamond, Neil SC8347-11
Red, Red Wine UB40 SC10091-20
Red, Red Wine (Video) UB40 PD048A-5
Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs Stuart, Marty CBC05178
Red, The Chevelle SC10131-27
Red, White And Beautiful Caperton, Kaley PHMC1306-8
Red, White And Blue Lynyrd Skynyrd ASK03463-1
Red, White And Blue Collar Gibson Miller Band MM6079-5
Reddy To Run Dixie Chicks MT102-4
Redeemer Mullen, Nicole C. CBS05-318
Redemption 3rd Strike PHR0211-3
Redemption Song (Acoustic Version) Marley, Bob & The Wailers SC10217-26
Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas Foxworthy, Jeff TTFP66-11
Redneck Christmas Stevens, Ray CBC10732-1
Redneck Crazy Farr, Tyler ASF13031-7
Redneck Games Foxworthy, Jeff With Alan Jackson DTC03694-1003694
Redneck Girl Bellamy Brothers, The DTC04518-1004518
Redneck Girl (Video) Bellamy Brothers, The PDK206-7
Redneck Radio Farris, Matt PHMC1308-5
Redneck Side Of Me Johnson, Jamey DFK076-2
Redneck Son England, Ty MM6136-10
Redneck Woman Wilson, Gretchen SC10184-9
Redneck Yacht Club Morgan, Craig TH8226-4
Redneck Yacht Club Morgan, Craig CBS06-161
Rednecks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Be Russell, Johnny CBS06-50
Reelin' & Rockin' Berry, Chuck LG049-7
Reeling In The Years Steely Dan SC10034-21
Reeling In The Years (Video) Steely Dan PD038B-2
Reet Petite Wilson, Jackie SF048-7
Reflection Aguilera, Christina CBC05997-1
Reflections Ross, Diana & The Supremes SC10011-25
Reflections Of My Life Marmalade SC10232-20
Reflex, The Duran Duran SC10191-23
Refried Dreams McGraw, Tim SC10068-16
Refugee Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers SC10204-13
Refugee (Video) Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers PD033A-1
Reggae Fever Steel Pulse SC10084-29
Reggaeton Latino Omar, Don & Joe SBC71498-1
Regret LeToya Ftg. Ludacris DTC13578-1013578
Regulate Warren G. SFC62352-1062352
Regulate (Duet) (Radio Version) Nate Dogg & Warren G. SC10021-22
Rehab Justin, Rihanna T DK905-768
Rehab Winehouse, Amy SC10095-23
Reina De Corazones Guzman, Alejandra MAC86627-1086627
Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood SC10014-16
Relax Presley, Elvis MMC94055-1094055
Relax (Video) Frankie Goes To Hollywood SFV101A-13
Relax Your Mind Boyz II Men Ftg. Faith Evans DTC09094-1009094
Relax, Take It Easy Mika SFC58399-1058399
Release Me Jack's Mannequin PHMP1112-7
Release Me Presley, Elvis DTC05432-1005432
Release Me Wilson Phillips DK910-529
Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) Humperdinck, Engelbert SC10010-20
Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) (Vide Humperdinck, Engelbert PD013B-5
Release Me (Video) Wilson Phillips PD039B-2
Relentless Aldean, Jason PHMC0807-1
Relentless Aldean, Jason CB512202-16
Relight My Fire Hartman, Dan SFMW830-13
Relight My Fire Take That SFMW816-9
Relight My Fire Take That Feat. Lulu ZMPACK124-11
Religious Kelly, R. PHMU1002-6
Reluctant Daughter McBride, Martina CBC10373
Remedy Black Crowes SC10049-23
Remedy Little Boots SFC57516-1057516
Remedy Mraz, Jason MMC94948-1094948
Remedy Seether SC10053-21
Remedy (I Won't Worry), The Mraz, Jason CBS04-177
Remedy (Video) Black Crowes PD045A-4
Remedy, The Abandoned Pools THR0206-15
Remember Disturbed PHR0301-2
Remember Groban, Josh THP0408-14
Remember Me Hoobastank ASK02495-1
Remember Me Journey MT101-52
Remember Me Nelson, Willie CBC09742
Remember Me Ross, Diana & The Supremes SBC71208-1071208
Remember Me T.I. & Mary J. Blige DTC13534-1013534
Remember Me This Way Hill, Jordan SB04207-1
Remember That Simpson, Jessica ASK05364-1
Remember That Simpson, Jessica PHMC0901-4
Remember The Ride Perfect Stranger MMC96517-1096517
Remember The Time Jackson, Michael SC10028-21
Remember The Time (Video) Jackson, Michael PD044A-4
Remember Then Earls, The MM6116-8
Remember Then (Video) Earls, The PD044B-8
Remember Walking In The Sand Shangri-Las, The SC10124-21
Remember When Color Me Badd CBC05698-1
Remember When Jackson, Alan SC10183-28
Remember When Newton, Wayne LG132-9
Remember When Vega, Ray MM6181-14
Remember When (Push Rewind) Wallace, Chris ASF1304A-8
Remember When It Rained Groban, Josh SBC76433-1076433
Remember You (Clean) Khalifa, Wiz (Ftg. The Weeknd) SBC98817-1098817
Remember You're A Womble Wombles SFMW830-14
Remind Me (Duet) Paisley, Brad ft. Carrie Underwood ASK1101-4
Reminisce Blazin' Squad SF202-8
Reminiscing Little River Band, The SC10132-21
Rendezvous David, Craig SF175-2
Renegade Daughtry PHMP1204-8
Renegade Styx SC10204-14
Renegade Masters `98 Wildchild SF118-3
Renegades X Ambassadors DTC18484-1018484
Renegades, Rebels & Rogues Lawrence, Tracy DTC02853-1002853
Reno Supernaw, Doug NU1-1029
Rent (Broadway) Rent NU1-439
Reoffender Travis SF209-10
Repentir (O Divine Redeemer) Gounod ASK10277-1
Repetitive Regret Rabbitt, Eddie CBC11847-1
Replay Iyaz SFC55936-1055936
Representin' (Clean) Ludacris (Ftg. Kelly Rowland) SBC98818-1098818
Reptilia Strokes, The THR0405-13
Republica De La Alegria Montaner, Ricardo MAC90156-1090156
Rescue Newsboys ASK00627-1
Rescue Uncle Kracker PHM0408-9
Rescue Me Bass, Fontella SC10008-20
Rescue Me Madonna NU2-933
Rescue Me Y&T SC8713-12
Rescue Me (Video) Bass, Fontella PD014B-6
Resistance Muse SF931-14
Resolve Foo Fighters CBE728-10
Respect Franklin, Aretha SC10023-21
Respect Redding, Otis PS1291-14
Respect Sledge, Percy LG036-8
Respect (Video) Franklin, Aretha PDK002-8
Respect Yourself Staple Singers CBE718-7
Respect Yourself Staple Singers DK910-186
Respect Yourself (Video) Staple Singers PD033B-6
Rest In Pieces Saliva ASK03464-1
Rest Of Mine, The Adkins, Trace SBC85003-1085003
Rest Of My Life Ludacris (Ftg. Usher & David Guetta) SBI98786-1
Rest Of My Life Unwritten Law PHR0303-4
Restless Krauss, Alison & Union Station CBU5053-39
Restless Heart Hires, Matt DTC17761-1017761
Resurrection Shuffle Gardner, Aston & Dyke SF090-8
Return Of The Mack Morrison, Mark SC10231-24
Return To Me Robbins, Marty CBC11742
Return To Me (Ritorna-Me) Martin, Dean SC10059-20
Return To Pooh Corner (Duet) Loggins, Kenny & Amy Grant SC10049-24
Return To Pooh Corner (Solo) Loggins, Kenny & Amy Grant NU2-206
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis SC10004-16
Return To Sender (Video) Presley, Elvis PD007A-4
Reuben James Rogers, Kenny SC10186-22
Reunited (Duet) Peaches & Herb SC10026-14
Reunited (Duet) (Video) Peaches & Herb PD014B-9
Revelry Kings Of Leon SBC77148-1077148
Revenge Of A Middleaged Woman Byrd, Tracy ASK04398-1
Reverence Faithless SBC72773-1072773
Reverse Cowgirl T-Pain PHMU1006-6
Revivirte Otra Vez Ramazzotti, Eros MAC87698-1087698
Revolution Beatles, The SC10215-20
Revolution Jars Of Clay AS3529-1
Revolution Rascal Flatts DTC12707-1012707
Revolution Stone Temple Pilots KV2196-64
Revolution (Video) Beatles, The PD017B-5
Rewind Rascal Flatts DTC18013-1018013
Rexall Navarro, Dave ASK02498-1
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac SC10036-18
Rhinestone Cowboy Campbell, Glen SC10074-15
Rhinestone Cowboy (Video) Campbell, Glen PD002B-10
Rhumba Boogie, The Snow, Hank CBC09858
Rhythm Bandits Junior Senior SF207-6
Rhythm Divine Iglesias, Enrique SC10018-17
Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap! SC10127-21
Rhythm Is A Dancer (Video) Snap! SFV103A-12
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You Estefan, Gloria & Miami Sound Machine CBS04-82
Rhythm Made Me Do It Twain, Shania Eileen CBC11524
Rhythm Nation Jackson, Janet CBU5101-29
Rhythm Of Life Adams, Oleta SBC80251-1080251
Rhythm Of Love Plain White T's DTC16961-1016961
Rhythm Of My Heart Stewart, Rod CBC09978-1
Rhythm Of The Night Corona SC10115-23
Rhythm Of The Night DeBarge SC10105-7
Rhythm Of The Night Moulin Rouge SFG048-14
Rhythm Of The Rain Cascades SC10006-19
Rhythm Of The Rain (Video) Cascades PD042B-5
Rhythms Sum 41 SBC84011-1084011
Ribbon In The Sky Wonder, Stevie SC10113-20
Ribbon Of Darkness Robbins, Marty CBS06-30
Ribbon Of Darkness Smith, Connie CBS05-354
Ribbons Of Love Gearing, Ashley CBC10612
Rich As F--K Lil' Wayne Ftg. 2 Chainz DTC100023-1100023
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Big K.R.I.T. PHMU1302-2
Rich Girl Hall & Oates SC10046-23
Rich Girl Stefani, Gwen MMC98684-1098684
Rich Girl (Female Duet) Stefani, Gwen (Feat. Eve) SC10018-18
Rich Man Wills, Mark DTC05981-1005981
Rich Woman Krauss, Alison & Robert Plant PS453358-8
Richard Cory Simon & Garfunkel LG058-11
Ricky (Mickey) Yankovic, Weird Al MT103-35
Riddle En Vogue CBS03-382
Riddle, The Five For Fighting SBC72943-1072943
Riddle, The Kershaw, Nik SFMW839-15
Ride Hood, Ace Feat Trey Songz PHMU0812-3
Ride McBride, Martina PHMC0902-2
Ride SoMo DTC18095-1018095
Ride Vines, The THR0406-10
Ride A White Swan T. Rex DK905-168
Ride Away Orbison, Roy CBC09889
Ride Captain Ride Blues Image, The SC10125-21
Ride In My Little Red Wagon Cowboy Copas CBC07970
Ride It Halliwell, Geri SF225-8
Ride Like The Wind Cross, Christopher SC10047-19
Ride On ACDC SC8830-4
Ride On Time Black Box SFMW817-9
Ride That Glory Train Cathedrals, The CBC04336
Ride The Wild West Wood, David PHMC1201-9
Ride Wit Me Nelly & City Spud SFC58749-1058749
Ride, The Coe, David Allan CB90115-2
Riders On The Storm Creed THR0103-17
Riders On The Storm Doors, The CBS03-280
Ridin' Buckcherry THR0106-10
Ridin' (Duet) Chamillionaire & Krayzie Bone SC10022-24
Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico Rodriguez, Johnny CBC09834
Ridin' Out The Heartache Tucker, Tanya CBC03905-1
Ridin' Rainbows Tucker, Tanya DFK044-6
Ridin' Solo Derulo, Jason CB30131-1
Ridin' The Storm Out REO Speedwagon SC8574-9
Ridin' With The Legend Bryant, Keith PHN0412-6
Riding Out The Storm Crowell, Rodney ASK04077-1
Riding The Rainbow Presley, Elvis MM6415-11
Riding With Private Malone Ball, David CBS03-151
Riding With The King King, B.B. & Eric Clapton SC10193-18
Right Action Ferdinand, Franz DTC17735-1017735
Right As Rain Adele PHMP0903-9
Right Back Atcha Babe McGraw, Tim ASK10771-1
Right Back Where We Started From Nightingale, Maxine SC10193-19
Right Before Your Eyes Hoobastank ASK03304-1
Right Beside You Hawkins, Sophie B. SF025-15
Right By Your Side Eurythmics, The SFG029-12
Right Down The Line Rafferty, Gerry SC10108-18
Right Down The Line Raitt, Bonnie PHMP1206-4
Right Down Through The Middle Of Us Coty, Neal DTC07127-1007127
Right For Me Timberlake, Justin NU3-649
Right From The Start Conley, Earl Thomas DTC07273-1007273
Right Hand Man Osborne, Joan MMC95107-1095107
Right Here Staind (Stain'd) SC10205-17
Right Here SWV MMC97345-1097345
Right Here (Departed) Brandy DTC13077-1013077
Right Here For You 112 PHU0403-4
Right Here Right Now Jones, Jesus DK910-521
Right Here Waiting Marx, Richard SC10015-18
Right Here Waiting Monica MM6292-14
Right Here Waiting (Video) Marx, Richard PD021A-14
Right In The Wrong Direction Gosdin, Vern DTC07220-1007220
Right Kind Of Wrong, The Rimes, LeAnn ASK10293-1
Right Left Hand, The Jones, George CBS02-12
Right Man For The Job Robison, Charlie ASK02501-1
Right Now Brooks, Garth (As Chris Gaines) MT104-33
Right Now Carpenter, Mary Chapin CBC00831-1
Right Now Pussycat Dolls CBC10230
Right Now Rihanna Ftg. David Guetta DTC17729-1017729
Right Now SR-71 SC10134-25
Right Now Sure, Al B. SBC66415-1066415
Right Now Van Halen SC10109-21
Right Now (Na Na Na) Akon DK905-765
Right Now 2004 Atomic Kitten SBC67176-1067176
Right On The Money Jackson, Alan DTC04824-1004824
Right On Time McKameys, The CBC04305
Right Or Wrong Jackson, Wanda CBS02-33
Right Or Wrong Strait, George CBC00727-1
Right Or Wrong (Video) Strait, George PD206B-11
Right Place Wrong Time Dr. John SC10034-22
Right Right Now Now Beastie Boys, The THMP0502-17
Right Round Flo Rida Ft. Ke$ha SGB200-99
Right There Grande, Ariana feat Big Sean PHM1401P-9
Right There Scherzinger, Nicole SBC80016-1080016
Right There Scherzinger, Nicole & 50 Cent DTC17180-1017180
Right Thing To Do, The Simon, Carly CBC12566-1
Right Through You Morissette, Alanis SFMW834-8
Right Thru Me Minaj, Nicki PHMU1101-2
Right Thurr (Right There) Chingy AS3202-1
Right Time Of The Night Warnes, Jennifer CBS02-368
Right Time Of The Night (Video) Warnes, Jennifer PD027A-4
Right To Be Wrong Stone, Joss SC10212-22
Right To Dream Carey, Mariah CBC13235
Right Way, The Andre, Peter SF222-14
Right Where I Need To Be Allan, Gary CBS03-136
Right Where You Want Me McCartney, Jesse CBU5072-36
Right, Said Fred Cribbens, Bernard SF089-7
Righteous Love Osborne, Joan ASK02504-1
Righteously Williams, Lucinda ASK03477-1
Rikki Don't Lose That Number Steely Dan SC10034-19
Rikki Don't Lose That Number (Video) Steely Dan PDL008-25
Ring A Ding Ding Sinatra, Frank MM6085-2
Ring Around The Rosey Children's Fun Songs DTC02639-1002639
Ring My Bell Ward, Anita SC10061-22
Ring Of Fire Cash, Johnny SC10071-22
Ring Of Fire Jackson, Alan Ftg. Lee Ann Womack CBC16956
Ring On Her Finger Greenwood, Lee MM6088-5
Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands McEntire, Reba SC10184-18
Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands (V McEntire, Reba PDL201-8
Ring Ring ABBA SFG011-3
Ring Ring Dollar SFMW802-13
Ring The Alarm Beyonce' CBU5072-37
Ring Them Bells Minnelli, Liza LG015-6
Ringo Greene, Lorne SC10122-23
Rings Of Gold Gibson, Don DTC07945-1007945
Rio Duran Duran SC10014-17
Riot Three Days Grace DTC12969-1012969
Riot In Cell Block Number 9 Blues Brothers ASK02507-1
RIP (Duet Version) Ora, Rita Feat Tinie Tempah ZMP3G12-63
RIP (For Solo Female) Ora, Rita Feat Tinie Tempah ZMP3G12-64
Rip Her To Shreds Blondie SFMW865-13
Rip It Up Little Richard CBU5034-34
Rip It Up Orange Juice SF113-3
Rip It Up Presley, Elvis MMC94299-1094299
Rip It Up Razorlight SF226-14
Rip It Up Richard, Little SFC57526-1057526
Rip Off The Knob Bellamy Brothers, The CBC04519-1
Ripple Grateful Dead, The SC10106-22
Ripples 4 Runner MM6134-4
Riptide Joy, Vance SF11137-4
Rise Cult, The PHR0108-6
Rise Flobots PHMP0811-8
Rise Gabrielle SFMW845-10
Rise & Fall David, Craig Ft. Sting SFC53048-1053048
Rise Above This Seether CBC12991
Rise Again Holmes, Dallas CBC02670
Rise Up And Praise Him Praise & Worship CB4806-12
Risin' To The Top, Give It All You Got Burke, Keni SF068-6
Rising, The Springsteen, Bruce SC10242-7
Ritmo Total Iglesias, Enrique TZ01148-1
Ritmo, A Torres, Alvaro MAC86739-1086739
River & The Highway, The Tillis, Pam NU3-844
River Bank Paisley, Brad ASK36165-1
River Deep Mountain High Ike And Tina Turner ZMPACK112-6
River Deep, Mountain High Erasure SBC72476-1072476
River Deep, Mountain High Turner, Ike & Tina SFG045-2
River Deep, Mountain High (Duet) Four Tops W-The Supremes SB00500-1
River For Him, A Ronstadt, Linda THMP002-7
River Is Here, The Praise & Worship CB4804-16
River Of Dreams Joel, Billy SC10208-25
River Of Love Strait, George DTC13211-1013211
River Of Time Judds, The CBC11731-1
River, The Brooks, Garth DTC01672-1001672
River, The Dodd, Ken SF066-15
River, The Gourdin, Noel PHMU0807-8
River, The Springsteen, Bruce LG164-2
River, The Wright, Chely DTC11965-1011965
Riverbank Bates, Jeff CBC13047
Riverboat Young, Faron CBC09764
Riverboat Song Ocean Colour Scene SFMW834-12
Rivers Of Babylon Boney M SF023-15
Riverside Obel, Agnes DFK082-2
Road Dogs Charlie Daniels Band, The CBC06185
Road I'm On, The 3 Doors Down SC10210-28
Road Less Traveled, The Strait, George DTC09536-1009536
Road Rage Catatonia SFG017-8
Road Song Rich, Charlie CBC04115
Road To Hell Rea, Chris SF059-14
Road To Mandalay, The Williams, Robbie SFG015-13
Road To Nowhere Osbourne, Ozzy SC10207-22
Road Trippin' Red Hot Chili Peppers SF175-8
Road Trippin' Wariner, Steve DTC04653-1004653
Road You Leave Behind, The Murphy, David Lee CBC03674-1
Roadhouse Blues Doors, The MT109-92
Roam B-52's, The SC10191-18
Roam (Video) B-52's, The PD026A-1
Roar Perry, Katy ZMPACK114-5
Robbie & Kylie Kids SFTP01-3
Robert Deniro's Waiting Bananarama SF033-15
Robot Man Francis, Connie SF083-2
Roc Boys Jay-Z PHMU0801-6
Rock & Roll Band Boston SC10036-19
Rock & Roll Christmas Thorogood, George & The Destroyers CBC06476-1
Rock & Roll Is King Electric Light Orchestra SFMW897-6
Rock & Roll Star Oasis SFG021-5
Rock & Roll Waltz Starr, Kay SF063-4
Rock 'N Me Steve Miller Band, The SC10036-20
Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay Danny & The Juniors NU1-1182
Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay Sha-Na-Na ASK04918-1
Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen Grease) Louis St. Louis SC8910-12
Rock A Bye Your Baby Jolson, Al LG110-1
Rock A Hula Baby Presley, Elvis MM6123-4
Rock And A Hard Place Rolling Stones, The SC10205-18
Rock And Roll Led Zeppelin SC10107-17
Rock And Roll (Video) Led Zeppelin PD030B-13
Rock And Roll All Nite Kiss SC10043-23
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through Meat Loaf SC10227-26
Rock And Roll Heaven Righteous Brothers, The NU3-311
Rock And Roll Lullaby Thomas, B.J. LG138-15
Rock And Roll Music Beach Boys, The CBS04-65
Rock And Roll Music Berry, Chuck DK910-265
Rock And Roll Never Forgets Seger, Bob MT108-12
Rock And Roll Part 2 Glitter, Gary SC10034-23
Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo Derringer, Rick SC10034-20
Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo Winter, Johnny CBC12145
Rock And Rye Ritter, Tex & His Texans CBC09828
Rock Around The Clock Haley, Bill MT111-27
Rock Around The Clock Haley, Bill & His Comets SC10001-1
Rock Around The Clock (Video) Haley, Bill & His Comets PD001A-1
Rock Bottom Betts, Dickey CBC12129
Rock Bottom Wynonna SC10103-21
Rock Bottom (Video) Wynonna PD207A-6
Rock Candy Montrose AH8006-8
Rock Candy Montrose, Ronnie MT103-74
Rock DJ Williams, Robbie SC10219-19
Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song (Qu Bachman-Turner Overdrive CBC10498
Rock Island Line Donegan, Lonnie SFMW843-10
Rock Lobster B-52's, The SC10013-21
Rock Me ABBA SFG011-10
Rock Me One Direction DTC17475-1017475
Rock Me Amadeus (English Version) Falco SC10015-19
Rock Me Amadeus (German Version) Falco SFMW835-10
Rock Me Baby King, B.B. SC10213-24
Rock Me Gently Kim, Andy SC10201-20
Rock Me Mama Blues DT17409-1
Rock Me On The Water Browne, Jackson MT103-91
Rock Me Tonight Fountains Of Wayne DK910-463
Rock Me Tonight Jackson, Freddie DK056-6
Rock My Baby Shenandoah DTC01745-1001745
Rock My Heart Haddaway SF026-3
Rock My Soul Children's Bible Songs DTC08853-1008853
Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Brooks & Dunn SC10068-17
Rock N' Roll Lavigne, Avril DTC17831-1017831
Rock N' Roll Status Quo LG094-13
Rock N' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Davis, Mac CBC07356
Rock N' Roll Angel Kentucky Headhunters CBC00467
Rock N' Roll Fantasy Bad Company SC10204-15
Rock N' Roll High School Ramones, The SC10039-24
Rock N' Roll Suicide Bowie, David LG001-3
Rock Of Ages Def Leppard SC10043-24
Rock Of Ages Gospel-Hymn DK801-1
Rock Of Ages Praise & Worship CB4803-14
Rock On Damian, Michael CBS02-344
Rock On Essex, David SC10125-22
Rock On Baby Lee, Brenda CBC08136
Rock Show, The Blink-182 SC10118-23
Rock Star Cyrus, Miley DI167402-4
Rock Steady Franklin, Aretha SC10112-25
Rock Steady Whispers, The DTC11381-1011381
Rock Steady (Duet) Raitt, Bonnie & Bryan Adams SC10208-18
Rock Steady (Duet) (Video) Raitt, Bonnie & Bryan Adams PDL008-12
Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas SFC51769-1051769
Rock The Boat Aaliyah SC10120-21
Rock The Boat Hues Corporation, The SC10061-23
Rock The Boat (Video) Hues Corporation, The PD021B-9
Rock The Casbah Clash, The SC10040-19
Rock This Country Twain, Shania CBS02-142
Rock This Town Stray Cats SC10082-20
Rock This Town (Video) Stray Cats PD044A-10
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) Ashanti DTC09877-1009877
Rock Wit'cha Brown, Bobby SBC68375-1068375
Rock With U Jackson, Janet DTC12920-1012920
Rock With You Jackson, Michael SC10026-15
Rock With You (Video) Jackson, Michael PD026B-13
Rock Ya Body Blocker, Dallas PHMU1007-5
Rock Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2) MVP & Stagga Lee PHU0311-5
Rock You Baby Keith, Toby SC10138-17
Rock You Like A Hurricane Scorpions SC10095-24
Rock Your Baby McCrae, George CBS03-251
Rock Your Baby McCrae, George DK910-336
Rock Your Body Timberlake, Justin ZMF21564-38
Rock'n Me Steve Miller Band, The CBE718-8
Rock-A-Billy Mitchell, Guy SF048-4
Rock-A-Bye Heart Holy, Steve SB21308-1
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Garland, Judy SC10229-22
Rock-A-Bye-Baby Children's Nursery Rhymes DTC02627-1002627
Rockabilly Rebel Matchbox 20 (Twenty) SF023-13
Rockaria Electric Light Orchestra SC10241-16
Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song) Pickler, Kellie PHMC1204-8
Rockerfella Skank, The Fat Boy Slim MT107-21
Rockerfeller Skank, The Fatboy Slim SF122-3
Rocket Def Leppard SC10109-22
Rocket 2 U Jets, The DK023-4
Rocket Girl Doc Walker DFK068-5
Rocket Man John, Elton SC10045-19
Rocket Man Posner, Mike Feat. Bun B PHMP1202-7
Rocketeer Far East Movement Feat. Ryan Tedder SFC54520-1054520
Rockin' All Over The World Status Quo SF166-15
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Christmas DK058-18
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Gilley, Mickey CBC03357-1
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Keith, Toby CBC13117-1
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Lee, Brenda SC10079-21
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Mel & Tim SF030-6
Rockin' Chair McRae, Gwen CBC10864
Rockin' Chair Money Williams, Hank CBC11585
Rockin' Down The Highway Doobie Brothers, The SC10034-24
Rockin' In The Free World Young, Neil SC8715-7
Rockin' Into The Night 38 Special SC10132-22
Rockin' Little Christmas Allen, Deborah CBS06-257
Rockin' My Life Away Lewis, Jerry Lee CBS02-330
Rockin' Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu Huey (Piano) Smith And The Clowns CBS01-437
Rockin' Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Flu Rivers, Johnny SC10012-17
Rockin' Robin Day, Bobby SC10002-18
Rockin' Robin Jackson, Michael DK905-602
Rockin' Robin (Video) Jackson, Michael PD013B-4
Rockin' Roll Baby Stylistics, The SF091-5
Rockin' The Beer Gut Trailer Choir ASK05453-1
Rockin' The Beer Gut Trailer Choir PHMC0908-3
Rockin' The Rock Stewart, Larry NU2-1094
Rockin' The Suburbs Ben Folds Five SC10131-21
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Judds, The SC10065-24
Rockin' Years (Duet) Parton, Dolly & Ricky Van Shelton SC10066-25
Rocks Primal Scream SFMW849-1
Rocks In Your Shoes West, Emily PHMC0806-3
Rocks Instead Of Rice Pickler, Kellie ASK05396-1
Rocks That You Can't Move Greenwood, Lee THC0302-20
Rockstar Nickelback SC10095-25
Rockstar 101 Rihanna DTC13937-1013937
Rockstar 101 Rihanna & Slash SFC60021-1060021
Rocky Mountain High Denver, John SC10074-16
Rocky Mountain High (Video) Denver, John PD020A-13
Rocky Mountain Music Rabbitt, Eddie DTC03403-1003403
Rocky Mountain Way Walsh, Joe SC10093-25
Rocky Mountain Way (Video) Walsh, Joe PD040A-8
Rocky Raccoon Beatles, The SC10030-20
Rocky Racoon (Video) Beatles, The PD029A-13
Rocky Top Osborne Brothers, The CBS01-30
Rocky Top Osborne Brothers, The DK905-368
Rocky Top Traditonal Bluegrass SC10070-20
Rocky Top (Video) Traditonal Bluegrass PD013B-3
Rodeo Brooks, Garth ASK2514-1
Rodeo Juvenile PHU0603-3
Rogaciano El Huapanguero Ronstadt, Linda MM6212-12
Rojo Relativo Ferro, Tiziano MAC90694-1090694
Roll Away The Stone Mott The Hoople SFC58546-1058546
Roll Away Your Stone Mumford & Sons PHMP1107-3
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Flatt & Scruggs CBC04170
Roll Me Away Seger, Bob CBC10420
Roll Muddy River Osborne Brothers, The CBC03422
Roll Muddy River Wilburn Brothers CBS03-14
Roll On Kid Rock SFDT-3007
Roll On Little Willies PHA0606-7
Roll On 18 Wheeler (Roll On Eighteen Whe Alabama SC10064-22
Roll On Big Mama Stampley, Joe CBS04-220
Roll On Down The Highway Bachman-Turner Overdrive SC10204-16
Roll On Mississippi Pride, Charley CBC11775
Roll Out The Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka) Traditional DK096-7
Roll Over Children's Fun Songs CBC08798-1
Roll Over Beethoven Beatles, The SC10214-22
Roll Over Beethoven Berry, Chuck SC10001-22
Roll The Credits DeAnda, Paula CBC13359
Roll The Credits Deanda, Paula PHMP0906-4
Roll The Stone Away Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The CBC09064
Roll To Me Amitri, Del SBC71032-1071032
Roll To Me Del Amitri SC10212-23
Roll With It Corbin, Easton DTC13896-1013896
Roll With It Oasis SFG021-8
Roll With It Winwood, Steve SC10042-19
Roll With Me Montgomery Gentry SBC79415-1079415
Roll With The Changes REO Speedwagon SC10038-23
Roller Coaster Bewitched SC3151-6
Roller Coaster Bieber, Justin DTC18001-1018001
Roller Coaster Bryan, Luke DTC18182-1
Roller Derby Queen Croce, Jim CBC09963-1
Rollercoaster B'Witched DTC05198-1005198
Rollin' Brooks, Garth MMC94604-1094604
Rollin' & Tumblin' Waters, Muddy SC10212-24
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) Limp Bizkit SC10234-28
Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) Big & Rich SC10116-2
Rollin' And Ramblin' (The Death Of Hank Harris, Emmylou SB20119-1
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms Owens, Buck SC10186-27
Rollin' Through The Sunshine Trailer Choir CBC13878
Rollin' With The Flow Chesnutt, Mark PHMC0804-7
Rollin' With The Flow Chesnutt, Mark CB60367-15
Rollin' With The Flow Rich, Charlie SC8442-14
Rolling In The Deep Adele SY1665-2
Rolling In The Deep Adele PHMP1103-3
Rolling In The Deep Adele ZMPACK101-11
Rollout (My Business) (Radio Version) Ludacris SC10136-20
Roly Poly Asleep At The Wheel & The Dixie Chicks CBC06115
Roman Guitar Vale, Jerry DFK023-2-16
Roman Holiday Minaj, Nicki PHMU1206-7
Roman's Revenge Minaj, Nicki Feat Eminem PHMP1102-4
Romantic White, Karyn CBC01587
Romantic Type Pigeon Detectives, The SBC80898-1080898
Romany Life (Czardas) Sills, Beverly ASK07088-1
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Morcheba SFMW810-1
Romeo Basement Jaxx SF182-5
Romeo Parton, Dolly DK905-788
Romeo (Video) Parton, Dolly PDK205-2
Romeo And Juliet Dire Straits ZMPACK108-6
Ronan Swift, Taylor ASK19996-1
Roni Brown, Bobby SBC68376-1068376
Ronnie Valli, Frankie & The Four Seasons DTC02187-1002187
Roof, The Carey, Mariah CBC09232
Room At The Top (Video) Adam & The Ants PD037B-9
Room At The Top Of The Stairs Rabbitt, Eddie DFK057-2
Room Full Of Roses, A Gilley, Mickey SB20952-1
Room Full Of Roses, A (Video) Gilley, Mickey PD201A-3
Room On The 3rd Floor McFly SF224-4
Room To Breathe McEntire, Reba CBC10594
Rooms On Fire Fleetwood Mac LG163-12
Rooms On Fire Nicks, Stevie SFMW897-12
Rooster Alice In Chains SFMW899-15
Root Of All Evil, The Beautiful South, The SFG013-15
Roots Imagine Dragons DTC18518-1018518
Roots And Wings Lambert, Miranda DTC18332-1018332
Roots And Wings (Long Version) Lambert, Miranda DTC18415-1018415
Roots Of My Raising, The Haggard, Merle DTC11555-1011555
Rope Foo Fighters DTC17048-1017048
Rope The Moon Montgomery, John Michael SC10121-20
Rosa Marchita Jordan, Roberto MAC90255-1090255
Rosa Maria Spanish MM6153-9
Rosalie Thin Lizzy SFMW896-7
Rosalita Dexter, Al & His Troopers CBE702-2
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Springsteen, Bruce SC10242-5
Rosanna Toto SC10040-20
Rosanna (Video) Toto PD028B-12
Rosanna's Going Wild Cash, Johnny CB90295-13
Rosas La Oreja De Van Gogh SCL1575-4
Rose Bouquet Vassar, Phil SBC80875-1080875
Rose Colored Glasses Conlee, John CBS03-44
Rose Colored Glasses Rowland, Kelly CBC14003
Rose Garden Anderson, Lynn ZMP3GC-67
Rose Garden Lee, Brenda MT110-79
Rose In Paradise Jennings, Waylon AS3271-1
Rose Is A Rose, A Edwards, Meredith AS0009-10
Rose Is Still A Rose, A Franklin, Aretha SC10239-1
Rose Marie Whitman, Slim SF092-8
Rose Of Cimarron Poco DFK027-11
Rose Of My Heart Mizzell, Robert DFK092-2
Rose Of San Antone Cline, Patsy DTC00940-1000940
Rose Of Tralee, The Traditional, Irish AH1701-10
Rose Tattoo Fisher, Eddie DFK017-6
Rose Tint My World Floor Show (Broadway) Rocky Horror Picture Show SC8472-13
Rose, The Midler, Bette SC10082-26
Rose, The Twitty, Conway CBC11539
Rose, The (Video) Midler, Bette PD005B-1
Roses McEntire, Reba DTC05961-1005961
Roses Mountain Heart CBC09048
Roses OutKast SC10022-25
Roses Reeves, Jim DFK045-11
Roses Are Red Carroll, Ronnie SF066-9
Roses Are Red Mac Band SF068-8
Roses Are Red My Love Vinton, Bobby SC10005-23
Roses In The Snow Dixie Chicks ASK02521-1
Rosie Bye Bye Birdie SSC50061-1050061
Rosie Partridge, Don SF137-6
Rotterdam Beautiful South, The SF081-11
Rough & Ready Adkins, Trace DTC10916-1010916
Rough Boy ZZ Top SC10042-20
Rough Edges Wildfire CBC09019
Rough Water McCoy, Travie Feat. Jason Mraz ASK36007-1
Roun' The Globe Nappy Roots PHU0311-9
Round & Round Campbell, Tevin PI008-17
Round & Round Como, Perry LG023-8
Round & Round Spandau Ballet, The SFG003-16
Round & Round (Video) Campbell, Tevin PD041A-3
Round About Way Strait, George SBC74081-1074081
Round And Round Imagine Dragons DTC17667-1017667
Round And Round Ratt SC10044-19
Round Every Corner Clark, Petula LG155-8
Round Here Counting Crows SC10199-23
Round Here Florida Georgia Line ASF13033-8
Round Here Michael, George SF224-13
Round Here Sawyer Brown MM6130-15
Round Midnight Monk, Thelonious JVC12-6
Roundabout Yes SC10034-25
Roustabout Presley, Elvis MM6205-4
Route 66 Asleep At The Wheel CBC01461
Route 66 Cole, Nat 'King' DK062-11
Route 66 Cole, Natalie MT105-53
Route 66 Disney Cars DISCARS-6
Route 66 Traditional DK905-620
Row Row Your Boat Children's Nursery Rhymes CBE724-12
Roxanne Michael, George SF155-3
Roxanne Police, The SC10038-24
Roxanne (Video) Police, The PD007A-10
Roxie (Broadway) Chicago SSC50030-1050030
Royals Lorde SF332-1
Royals Lorde ZMPACK116-5
RPM Sugar Ray DTC05775-1005775
Rub A Dubbin' Mellons, Ken NU1-27
Rub It In Craddock, Billy 'Crash' SC10186-23
Rub Me The Right Way Martin, Brad THC0301-13
Rub You The Right Way Gill, Johnny DK910-543
Rub You The Right Way (Video) Gill, Johnny PD031B-8
Rub-A-Dub-Dub Thompson, Hank SC10057-10
Rub-A-Dub-Dub Traditional SC10221-24
Rub-A-Dub-Dub Three Men In A Tub Children's Fun Songs DTC08794-1008794
Rubber Ball Vee, Bobby SF044-2
Rubber Band Man T.I. PHU0404-6
Rubber Biscuit Blues Brothers LG190-11
Rubber Bullets 10cc SF071-1
Rubberband Worsham, Charlie PHMC1312-1
Rubberband Man Spinners, The SC10113-23
Rubberband Man (Video) Spinners, The PD041A-4
Rubberneckin' Presley, Elvis CBU5029-38
Rubberneckin' Presley, Elvis & Paul Oakenfold THP0312-10
Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man) Owens, Buck CBC04112
Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man) Owens, Buck CBE704-1
Ruby Ann Robbins, Marty DTC04747-1004747
Ruby Baby Dion SC10006-20
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny SC10073-22
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (Video Rogers, Kenny PD021A-8
Ruby Tuesday Melanie SFMW802-11
Ruby Tuesday Rolling Stones, The SC10030-21
Ruby Tuesday Stewart, Rod SBC82067-1082067
Ruby, Are You Mad Osborne Brothers & Red Allen, The DTC08545-1008545
Ruby, Baby Craddock, Billy 'Crash' CBS05-374
Rude Magic ZMPACK116-17
Rude Boy Rihanna ASK05571-1
Rude Boy Rihanna PHMP1005-1
Rude Boy Rihanna SY1663-3
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Christma Autry, Gene PS1023-13
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Christma Christmas ZMPACK125-15
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Christma Christmas DK910-253
Ruffneck MC Lyte SC8875-12
Rule The World Take That ZMPACK124-9
Rules Shakira MAC90487-1090487
Rules-My Favorite Moment Of The Bee, The (Broadway) 25th Annual Putnam County Spe SSC50289-1050289
Rumbleseat Mellencamp, John Cougar CBC10524
Rumor Has It McEntire, Reba SC10102-24
Rumor Has It Walker, Clay DTC03839-1003839
Rumor Mill, The Gaither Vocal Band, The NU1-787
Rumores Sebastian, Joan OKE0048-11
Rumors Lohan, Lindsay SBC77742-1077742
Rumour Has It Adele SF310-4
Rumour Has It Adele PHMU1107-4
Rump Shaker Wreckx-N-Effect SC10021-23
Run Collective Soul SC10118-16
Run Kutless AS3409-1
Run Lewis, Leona ZMPACK115-6
Run Lewis, Leona DK905-761
Run Lighthouse Family, The SF190-13
Run Snow Patrol ZMPACK123-6
Run Strait, George DTC07580-1007580
Run And Tell Jenkins, Nicole Watts CBC09368
Run And Tell That! (Broadway) Hairspray SSC50229-1050229
Run Away Jarosz, Sarah PHMP1205-6
Run Away McAnally, Shane SC3213-4
Run Away Real McCoy CBC03520
Run Away Child, Running Wild Temptations, The DK061-9
Run Away Little Tears Smith, Connie DTC05896-1005896
Run Baby Run Crow, Sheryl SFMW809-15
Run Daddy Run Lambert, Miranda And The Pistol Annies ASK10857-1
Run For Home Lindisfarne SFMW832-9
Run For The Border Rodriguez, Johnny SC10182-21
Run For The Roses Fogelberg, Dan SB23768-1
Run For Your Life Beatles, The LG010-13
Run It Brown, Chris SC10096-22
Run On Presley, Elvis MM6382-2
Run River Run Loggins & Messina LG103-11
Run Rudolph Run (Christmas) Berry, Chuck SC10078-23
Run Rudolph Run (Christmas) Edmunds, Dave CBC06473-1
Run Run Rudolph (Christmas) Adams, Bryan TTFP66-13
Run Runaway Slade SC10140-14
Run Samson Run Sedaka, Neil DTC12936-1012936
Run The Show Deluna, Kat & Busta Rhymes SBC76681-1076681
Run The World (Girls) Beyonce' SFC51588-1051588
Run This Town (Duet) Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West MR01985-1
Run This Town (Duet) Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West PHMP0911-2
Run Through It Galloways, The CBC09341
Run Through The Jungle Creedence Clearwater Revival SC10233-22
Run To Him Vee, Bobby SBC68419-1068419
Run To Him (Video) Vee, Bobby PDK603-7
Run To Me Bee Gees NU3-191
Run To The Hills Iron Maiden SC10109-23
Run To The Water Live MMC95667-1095667
Run To You Adams, Bryan SC10048-21
Run To You Houston, Whitney SC10136-22
Run To You Roxette NU3-615
Run To You (Video) Adams, Bryan PD009A-13
Run, Freedom, Run! (Broadway) UrineTown SSC50312-1050312
Run, Run, Run Tyler, Ryan PHN0312-3
Run, Woman, Run Wynette, Tammy CBC11672
Run-Around Blues Traveler SC10049-25
Runaround Sue Dion MT111-17
Runaround Sue Dion And The Belmonts CBS01-277
Runaround Sue Dion And The Belmonts DK905-396
Runaround Sue (Video) Dion And The Belmonts PD043A-10
Runaway Allan, Gary SBC73844-1073844
Runaway Bon Jovi SC10241-6
Runaway Cher CBC05323
Runaway Corrs, The MMC97518-1097518
Runaway Finck, Jerad PHMP1110-5
Runaway Jackson, Janet SBC75462-1075462
Runaway Jefferson Starship SC10037-25
Runaway Linkin Park SFG034-4
Runaway Love And Theft PHMC0906-6
Runaway Presley, Elvis SBC72187-1072187
Runaway Raitt, Bonnie SC10208-19
Runaway Shannon, Del SC10004-17
Runaway Baby Mars, Bruno SFC52307-1052307
Runaway Train Cash, Rosanne SC10101-24
Runaway Train John, Elton MMC93825-1093825
Runaway Train John, Elton & Eric Clapton NU2-1039
Runaway Train Sears, Dawn MMC93518-1093518
Runaway Train Soul Asylum SC10049-26
Runaway Train (Video) Cash, Rosanne PD203B-14
Runaway Train (Video) Soul Asylum PD046A-7
Runner Stevenson, Laura PHMP1307-2
Runnin' (Dying To Live) 2 Pac & Notorious B.I.G. PHU0402-4
Runnin' Away With My Heart Lonestar MM6154-6
Runnin' Behind Lawrence, Tracy AS10329-13
Runnin' Down A Dream Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers SC10205-20
Runnin' For The Red Light Meat Loaf SF049-8
Runnin' Out Of Air Love And Theft PHMC1303-1
Runnin' Outta Moonlight Houser, Randy DT17547-1
Runnin' With The Devil Van Halen SC10195-20
Running No Doubt CBS04-146
Running Away Hoobastank SC10118-17
Running Back To You Williams, Vanessa DTC01424-1001424
Running Bear James, Sonny AS20686-1
Running Bear Preston, Johnny SC10071-23
Running Blind Godsmack PHR0406-3
Running From An Angel Hootie & The Blowfish ASK10330-1
Running From Me Trust Company ASK02535-1
Running Into You Sadler, Sarah DTC09687-1009687
Running On Empty Browne, Jackson NU2-934
Running On Faith Clapton, Eric SC10082-19
Running Out Of Reasons To Run Trevino, Rick CB60006-7
Running Scared Orbison, Roy SC10238-17
Running Up That Hill Bush, Kate SC10015-20
Running' With The Wind Rabbitt, Eddie CBC11846
Runway Lights Cyrus, Billy Ray PHMC1110-7
Rush Aly & AJ DTC12194-1012194
Rush Of Blood To The Head, A Coldplay SFG036-14
Rush, Rush Abdul, Paula SC10139-17
Rushes Darius NU3-768
Russian Roulette Rihanna ASK05521-1
Russian Roulette Rihanna PHMU1001-3
Russians Sting SC10217-23
Rusty Cage Soundgarden SFMW903-1
Rusty Old Halo Axton, Hoyt DFK033-5
Rye Whiskey Ritter, Tex & His Texans CBC09826